God Ana[b]log Entry #0 (Introduction)

Hey there,

Though it's something I've always fancied the idea of, I have never blogged before - so I may suck horribly at it. I'm guessing you'll all let me know if that's the case, huh?

Anyway, we're starting to get a little traction online now with our first release, so I figure, no time like the present? Can't seem to think of a good title for this: God Ana[b]log is too punny for me, and God Adamblog sounds like the name of some ancient Germanic city (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Yeah... I just spent way too long thinking of a title, so I'm just running with the first one.



Okay, enough boring shit. Let's get into this.

My name is Adam Days. I'm 26, and I work in Pest Control. I don't like working in Pest Control.

In my spare time, I write songs.

I do like writing songs.

One day, not long ago, I realized that what I really want to do is record those songs, and moreover, wouldn't it be cool to maybe perform those songs on a stage?

Well, I was certainly a long way from that.

Let's sum up life at that point:


  • 25

  • Minimal band experience

  • No band

So I did what any struggling musician does. I went on craigslist and Bandmix.

When that led me nowhere, I wept tears of-- er, I mean, I stoically continued onward.

It was at work, of all places, that I found my future right hand man. "X." Though, I knew him by a different name then. After another mind-numbing monthly meeting, X and I were in the breakroom and he handed me a flyer.

"You should come check out my band." he said with a smile.

I replied with something that I'm sure was terribly witty, but unfortunately, cannot remember. Needless to say, I saw his band that night.

Goddamn, they were awful. But he wasn't. I think this review sums it up better than I possibly could:

Click Here for Review. Prepare your eyeholes.

Um, yeah... Harsh, to be sure, but there is a gem of truth in there. X is amazing, and he was being wasted. So, with probably more confidence than I should have had, I approached X after his set. I shook his hand, did the awkward "totally hetro hand slap quick pat on back man-hug" thing that people do, and told him what I had in mind. Now, X has a way with words. So after I bought him a drink and showed him some of my demo songs, he drained his cup, lit a cigarette, inhaled... exhaled... and said,


- Adam


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