"Here's To Eternity" Soundscape Magazine Review

Dark. Inspired. Unique. Addictive. These are just a few of the words that I would use to describe the brand-new single Here’s to Eternity by San Jose California Rock/Pop/Metal Trio known as God Analog.
Hitting the music scene in a mysterious way, this project looks to be getting released in smaller pieces belonging to a much larger tapestry, and for fans of GHOST and Sleep Token, God Analog should fit right into your current playlists.
Formed from Vocalist Christian Jaeger, Adam Days (Vocals and Keyboards), and the mysterious “X” on lead, rhythm and bass guitars, God Analog proves that a multitude of seemingly random ideas can coalesce into something well-formed and organized. Much like the energy found in an independent movie with a large budget, Here’s to Eternity takes the raw power of the artists intention and combines it with the refined touches that make it truly shine; and if God Analog is anything, they are cinematic in their delivery.
Here’s to Eternity rushes straight into the gritty guts of the devious track in an anthemlike fashion, and it doesn’t take long to find yourself lost in the controlled chaos of it all. Low droning vocals that drip of sarcasm and intention are met with a choir-like chorus that could almost feel out of place if it wasn’t for the spot-on production of the track. And that is what makes God Analog so interesting, is that they manage to dance with potential creative destruction so effortlessly.
There is a definite Depeche Mode meets GHOST vibe here, and there is nothing wrong with drawing from those two incredible acts, but this is not to say that this project feels, in any way, like it has been copied and pasted. Here’s to Eternity pays respect to its influences by drawing from them, without stealing from them, and it successfully shines as both a lead single and a proper introduction to an exciting new band.
For more information on God Analog, check out their Facebook and Soundcloud Page.