God Ana[b]log Entry #8

So, as you may have notice in the last blog entry, I realized I have forgotten to mention some events that have happened recently in my life that have had consequences on my music “career.” In an attempt to remedy this, I’m going to give you a brief rundown for now and I’ll leave it to you to ask me for clarification if I miss something, causing you to feel totally, and completely, lost.

When I was a wee lad (19? 20? something like that), I used to work at a union that set up various concerts. I set up for the likes of Katy Perry, Coldplay, Madonna, Lady Gaga (and got locked in her trailer. True story.), Nickelback, Seether, blah blah. What’s my point? Well, from THAT union, I ended up getting an opportunity to work as an extra on Season 2 of 13 Reason’s Why. You may have seen me, but I strongly doubt it.

Now, you’re asking yourself: is this blog post entirely about Adam’s masturbatory list of names he can drop? No – I swear. It just really (really) seems that way. Bear with me.

During the 13 Reasons Why shoot, I met one particularly cool veteran Production Assistant. He said that he only does P.A work occasionally these days, where he really shines is soundtrack work. Well, okay, this is obvious, right?

I took the gamble, and after chatting with him over the course of a 12 hour shoot, I asked him if he would be willing to listen to some of my stuff during the next break? He gave me the shot I asked for. Nothing at all came of it that day. Cool P.A Dude said that licensing and featuring tracks wasn’t his department, and that it was a little late in production to change up the soundtrack anyway. BUT... (and here’s the interesting part), he asked if I would be interested in showcasing for his friends down in L.A?

Sure! Who are your friends?

Well, they just so happen to work at Warner Music/Atlantic Records... “Want me to set something up?

Um, duh?

SO... I think that brings us back to where the last entry left off. Again, if not, just let me know.

The L.A Showcase was at the end of the month (July). We powered through two more songs, I edited the photos, mixed/mastered the tracks, and we hit the road for Hollywood.

When we arrived at the hotel, it was roughly midnight. I went to the clerk and got the room key. Entering the room, we immediately knew there was a mistake. Instead of two beds and a couch, there was one bed. I called the front desk, and they apologized, but the hotel is fully booked. There is no way to correct the room situation until tomorrow! I’m pretty sure there are laws about the number of occupants of a room-to-bed ratio, but it was late and I was sleepy and in no mood to argue that fact. So, here we were, in this little room, with this little bed. Now, this has nothing to do with some sort of unbreakable heterosexual man-code but the fact of the matter is, three full grown men are not going to fit on this one little bed.

Trust me, we tried.

It did not work.

So we had a democratic debate, and it was decided that X would sleep on the floor. Don’t feel bad for him. He likes it down there. Before long, the sweet sounds of Christian snoring filled the air and lulled me harshly to slumber.

In the morning, I was first to rise, so I went to take a quick shower, with the intention to grab coffee and whatnot before the lads woke up. In the bathroom, I notice something isn’t right. There’s no shower curtain. Well, whatever – I, careful not to make a huge watery death trap for the others, shower, dry off, get dressed, and head for the door. As I’m leaving, I happen to glance over to where X is lying. Wrapped around him, is the flower print shower curtain. I guess he got cold.

Okay. Now you can feel bad for him.

To be continued.

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